About ASA School of Real Estate

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to provide the most current and informative state approved courses for real estate education in the industry. We offer an extremely experienced, qualified and professional staff that is focused on the educational needs of our students. By blending an indepth knowledge of real estate education and licensing with technology that allows us to provide great customer service, we will provide unparalleled support and guidance to any real estate professionals education.”

School History and Benefits:

With over 18 years of real estate educational experience in both Southern and Northern California, we have learned all of the in’s-and-out’s of the education and licensing process which we provide to all our students. Over our history we have gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge and we use this to contribute to our national textbook publishers as professional reviewers and contributors. By staying current on all of our materials we ensure that the textbooks we provide are up-to-date and reflect all of the recent changes in real estate requirements and law. You can be assured that the courses and products we offer will provide you with the best education a real estate agent or broker can obtain.

We have helped thousands of students pass their licensing exams and succeed in their real estate career. We offer extremely accurate practice exams that will allow you to study material that will be familiar to you when you take your state required exams.

We also offer a professional development section on our website that is devoted to guiding your career by offering books, courses and materials that will enable you to further your understanding of the business of real estate and show you how to increase your business in any type of market. These offerings focus on advertising, marketing, sales, listings, technology and many other areas that will advance your real estate business knowledge and show you how you can benefit from it in your market. Knowledge is power and we take that to heart at ASA School of Real Estate. Sometimes the difference between an average agent and a top-producer is the information the top-producer is utilizing. We can provide that knowledge and information to you so you can advance in your real estate career.

At ASA School of Real Estate We Keep You "A Step Ahead"

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